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Our Partners

St Mark Universal Copt Care is supported by, and works with, carefully chosen partners who share our objectives and mission. We support each other with time, money and information to help Coptic families all over the world.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health and Population in Cairo, Egypt.

For more information about The Minsitry, please visit:


Warrington Disability Partnership (WDP) is a user led charity that supports disabled people and people living with long term health conditions.

For more information about WDP, please visit:


IHP is Europe's largest facilitator of product donations between healthcare companies and aid agencies.

For more information about IHP, please visit:

St Mina Charity

A charity based in Cairo that supports orphans and families in deprived areas, helping fund their daily living, educational and healthcare needs as well as funding small projects to help with the high percentage of unemployment.

For more information about St Mina Charity, please visit:

Coptic Orphans

Coptic Orphans work through child sponsors and a network of hundreds of village-based volunteers, churches, and organizations, to help children stay in school (and stay with their families) until they unlock their full potential.

For more information about Coptic Orphans, please visit:

Coptic Medical Society

Coptic Medical Society work to support Coptic doctors, dentists and pharmacists in the UK as well as supporting patients and Christian hospitals in Egypt.

For more information about Coptic Medical Society, please visit:

Bless UK

BLESS UK supports local programmes in healthcare, education, housing, marriage and income-generating projects.

For more information about Bless UK, please visit:

Copts In Need

Copts In Need works alongside some of the existing charities in Egypt. We aim to increase awareness of the poor living conditions of many people in Upper Egypt and Sudan.

For more information about Copts In Need, please visit:

St Kyrel Trust

The main objective of the Trust is to supply poor Coptic youth in either their last year of high school or in university in Egypt with their basic necessities, such as food, clothes, transport, books, and stationery.

For more information about St Kyrel Trust, please visit:

St George Benevolent Fund

The Fund endeavours to help our poor and underprivileged brothers and sisters. We aim to help them reach an acceptable human level of existence.

For more information about St George Benevolent Fund, please visit:

Forgotten Angels

Forgotten Angels' mission is the relief of poverty and hardship among the poor and underprivileged street children living in Egypt, Sudan and Africa.


Be our partner

If your organisation could work with us to help the poor and needy in the Coptic world, please get in touch:

Dr Naser Fouad

Mrs Hala Elnarshy-Fouad