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Generous support and donations

St. Mark Universal Copts Care would like to greatly thank and acknowledge Cruinn Diagnostics (Cruinn Medical, Ireland) and Medical Supply Company (Ireland), for their generous donations to our charity in October 2017 and January 2018.

As part of our Sehaty Project, the volunteers at StMUCC have been working hard to seek prescription medications, laboratory and medical supplies as part of the establishment of new healthcare centres and hospitals in Egypt - namely in the under-developed areas of: Faqous and Qena and continuing the work towards building the resource capacity of Aswan, El-Sharqia, Menia, Giza and Behira.
We the volunteers at St. Mark Universal Copts Care would like to greatly acknowledge and thank the employees of Medical Supply Company in the Republic of Ireland, for their most generous donation of essential laboratory and medical supplies towards our Sehaty project. In particular, we would like to thank Mr. Thomas Holmes, Mr. Sean McGourty and Ms. Eimear Scully for their time, effort and support they have provided, in ensuring our needs were met, within the capacity of their company.
We would also like to thank the employees of Cruinn Diagnostics, in particular Mrs. Ann Byrne and Mr. Jack Nolan, who took time out of their work day to discuss how their company can help those less fortunate in Egypt and provided us with essential laboratory and medical supplies.
Through the generosity of both Medical Supply Company and Cruinn Diagnostics, we were able to gather together much needed supplies, of an excellent standard, to be shipped over to Egypt. And so, for this, we as a charity are incredibly grateful for their willingness to engage in good deeds and their kindness.
Without the support of such excellent and specialised companies, such as Medical Supply Company (MSC) and Cruinn Diagnostics, our Sehaty project would meet much difficulty. We therefore call upon other pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, medical and laboratory supplies companies to reach out to us if they are interested in donating to our worthy cause and help us reach our goal of delivering high-quality healthcare services to those less fortunate than ourselves in the Middle East.

31st October 2017