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A message from the Chairman

This is a clear clarification in response to the social media attacks by Masihyomasr News

The article posted this morning by Masihyomasr website is distorted, misleading and malicious.
St Mark Universal Copts Care, is a UK registered Youth-Led charity who aims to provide high quality healthcare for those in need across the Middle East.
This event is not directed, nor is related, to the Coptic Church, and we are not seeking donations solely for Christians within our community.
This is an international event with international speakers, guests and performers, including Mr Ragheb Alama, who is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, often performing in aid of charitable causes.
Our aim is to gather together as one to bring awareness to the falling standard of healthcare across the Middle East, in the hope that we will raise funds to provide high quality healthcare services for ALL.
The poster created by Masihyomasr has been edited incorrectly by adding the photograph of His Grace Bishop Angaelos, and this event does NOT fall under the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK, on which the article is based.
St Mark Universal Copts Care works tirelessly to help all those in need across the Middle East as we believe we are all one in the body of Christ.
Dr Naser Fouad
St Mark Universal Copts Care

20th May 2016