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£25,000 boost for Warrington Disability Partnership

Principal sponsor St George's Healthcare Group have donated £25,000 to Warrington Disability Partnership's 25th anniversary to help and support people living with disabilities in Egypt and Sudan.

St Mark Universal Copts Care are joining forces with WDP to send refurbished wheelchairs and mobility equipment to Egypt, where tens of thousands of disabled people live in poverty, with little or no support.

Dave Thompson, WDP Chief Executive said “It will really make a huge difference and we greatly appreciate the support from Dr Naser Fouad and the team at St George’s Health Care. We are also greatly excited by the opportunities working with their charity St Mark Universal Copts Care, helping people with disabilities in Egypt and Sudan. We have a workshop carrying out repairs on wheelchairs, scooters and mobility aids — items that we can’t refurbish and sell here, we’ll get shipped over to Egypt and Sudan”.

St George Healthcare Group will also be part of Disability Awareness Day, which takes place at Walton Gardens, Warrington on Sunday 10th July 2016.

25th February 2016