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New openings of disability centres

StMUCC opens two centres in Naquada, Egypt.

Today, 19th of December 2015, St Mark Universal Copts Care opened "The Shepherd Physiotherapy Centre" and the "Happy Heart Learning Day Care" centre in Naquada. The official openings were held by His Grace Bishop Biemen, StMUCC's Chairman Dr Naser Fouad and StMUCC's Treasurer Mrs Hala Fouad.

More than 100 pieces of equipment have been donated to the two centres that will serve 4 villages in Egypt: Naquada, Quos, Quena and Luxor.

The Shepherd Physiotherapy Centre will provide two services:

A. Weight loss, Laser therapy, None invasive Liposuction (Cryo) with Full gym equipment and Chinese Needles.

B. Physiotherapy for Neuro Rehabilitation (Stroke patients), fully equipped service with the latest machines for stimulation, message, Healthtronic and Traction.

19th December 2015