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Youth Mission to Quos in August

Between August 2nd and 17th, a group of young people from StMUCC are travelling to Egypt to support English language teaching in Quos

In Quos there are many school students but there are no language schools. Quos is near Luxor and Hurghada so these students live very near to these tourist cities and really need language teaching, especially English, to give them job opportunities there.

In the dioceses of Naqada and Quos a lot of families migrate to other places eg since 2008, 27 families have migrated to the American squatter settlements who needed to learn how to speak English from the moment they arrived: to manage to find their way around the airport, to take public transport, to talk to people and to start their new lives.

The English language is a primary international language for students and the teaching in public schools in Egypt is not very good so we aim to raise the standard of English teaching. It is very effective when English is taught through methods such as songs, hymns, plays, and other methods depending on the abilities of the teachers. Using presentations and methods of explanation such as music and videos are also particularly effective.

You need about 15 days to be able to teach enough and up to 300 children can be taught. The Mission Trips team at St Mark Universal Copts Care are currently creating an English syllabus and hope to be able to really help these children as this will be immensely useful for them for their whole lives.

15th June 2015