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Video gallery

Our volunteers have created these videos to help people understand the work they are trying to do with St Mark Universal Copts Care.

Picture Worthy

StMUCC presents Picture Worthy; a movie showing the work we accomplished the past 12 months.

Our Charity Introduction

A short video introducing the work of the charity in Egypt, Sudan, and Africa.


This is a short movie showing the conditions of poverty in Egypt in many categories of need such as healthcare.

Why do we serve

People from all around the world are suffering from improper health care, hunger, poor living conditions and various basic needs they unfortunately have no access to. This is a short clip entitled "Why do we serve" that explains why we serve and how important for us is to work in unity so that we can really make a difference and eradicate poverty.

El Noba School

A short of El Noba School in Sudan, just one of the many schools and communities with unmet humanitarian needs.


For more videos of our work, our appeals, and interviews with bishops, please see:

St Mark YouTube Channel