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Shebin El Qanater

The Bishop of this Diocese says: We need to add kitchens to five houses in our community for newly married couples. We also need to provide essential kitchen equipment for them. We have a number of families that are struggling with loss of income, and we want to create a food bank.

The Diocese of Shebin El Qanater needs help with the following areas of unmet need:

  Needed Total Need Locally Met Charity Met Unmet Need
Housing 4175000    Yes
Marriage 840000    Yes
Food 4230000    St Mina Yes
Small Projects   
Personal Debts   
Prison Services   

Total Need: 4175000
Unmet need: Yes

Total Need: 840000
Unmet need: Yes

Total Need: 4230000
Charity met: St Mina
Unmet need: Yes

All values shown are in Egyptian Pounds

Charities involved in this Diocese

St Mina Charity