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These are the details for the umet needs in this Diocese for Healthcare:

Category Number Description Funding Needs
Outpatients 2 150,000 each
Labs 1 150,000

Category: Outpatients
Number: 2
Funding Needs: 150,000 each

Category: Labs
Number: 1
Funding Needs: 150,000

All values shown are in Egyptian Pounds

Category Annually Remarks
Consultation 18,000
Investigations 100,000
Heart 250,000
Surgical procedures 180,000
Inpatient 100,000
Annual Grand Total 1,098,000

Category: Consultation
Annually: 18,000

Category: Investigations
Annually: 100,000

Category: Heart
Annually: 250,000

Category: Surgical procedures
Annually: 180,000

Category: Inpatient
Annually: 100,000

Category: Annual Grand Total
Remarks: 1,098,000

All values shown are in Egyptian Pounds