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These are the details for the umet needs in this Diocese for Healthcare:

Category Description Annual Costs
Replacement Equipment Wheelchairs etc 120000
Investigations X-Rays and Scans 60000
Medicine 240000
Surgical procedures 10330
Annual Grand Total 430330

Category: Replacement Equipment
Description: Wheelchairs etc
Annual Costs: 120000

Category: Investigations
Description: X-Rays and Scans
Annual Costs: 60000

Category: Medicine
Annual Costs: 240000

Category: Surgical procedures
Annual Costs: 10330

Category: Annual Grand Total
Annual Costs: 430330

All values shown are in Egyptian Pounds

Bishops Comments

The Eprosheya is having up-growing hospital and laboratory serving some of our needs. What is mandatory for us is the medicate prices as it costs a sum per year and we can't ignore it. At the same time we are looking forward to upgrading our hospital and lab. For example C-arm, Echocardiography, ELISA reader,Real-time PCR. As we know it can cost you a lot of money and this will be your decision if you can help in this point.