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Help with Stress

Reducing Stress Is An Inside Job! Join other women in this six week workshop to learn the techniques and strategies YOU need to live a more balanced, joyful life!


  • How “stressors” are different from “stress”
  • How stressors for women differ from those for men
  • How to use nature's BEST tranquiliser
  • What you need to give up to have peace of mind
  • Mental techniques and strategies to reduce stress
  • dramatically
  • Time management skills and communication skills that will
  • assist you in saying YES to yourself
  • How finding your purpose in life can reduce stress

About your teacher:

Katie Louise Hughes is a licensed, qualified and accredited Heal Your Life Coach and TeacherTrainer as well as holding qualifications as a Master Reiki Teacher, Level 2 E.F.T practitioner and U.K Ambassador for the Charity, Project Happiness. Katie is devoted to teaching the principles of self love and acceptance, helping women to love more fully and practice the techniques for changing their lives.

Workshop starts MONDAY 4TH SEPT - 9TH OCT

Due to the magical generosity of St. Marks this course is subsidised. Donations would be graciously received - starts 1-3pm. VENUE Centre for Independent Living, Beaufort Street,

Sponsored by St Mark Universal Copts Care Delivering Happiness in Cheshire

Delivered by No Rain No Rainbows http://www.norainnorainbows.org/projecthappiness

For more information phone Katie on 07970 521144 or E-mail hello@norainnorainbows.org