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The service to eradicate poverty is an impossible task and is being attempted at present. This service though continuous, doesn't seem to have much effect.This is the reason why StMUCC is calling for unity: unity of all charities, businessmen, healthcare professionals and all peoples alike to work in unison to achieve this aim efficiently.

A call for unity

We call for the unity of all charities, each with their respective strengths to work as one to overcome poverty. We have experienced in our charity the immense power and influential abilities of the Youth and therefore we would love to replicate this across the Youth of the UK, Europe and subsequently the entire World.

Join the UK's largest youth-based Coptic Charity

If you are over sixteen why not join UK's largest youth-based Coptic Charity? No matter where in the world you live there are things you can do to help our work. Becoming a volunteer for us will aid in your personal development and self-awareness, and provide an insight of what it means to give alms.You will help to relieve poverty, improve poor healthcare conditions and generate economic chances for desperately poor families.

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