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Healthcare Appeal

Prescriptions for medicines are expensive and hard to source in Egypt. By ordering medicine seperately within each diocese the Church was unable to create an economy of scale.

Medicine Management

St Mark Universal Copts Care addressed this by negotiating a bulk rate with pharmaceutical wholesalers. To compliment this we implemented a central software system across the various diocese and provided training so that each one can enter the details of medicines needed each month. We were able to secure a saving of 30% with this work, bringing the cost down across the 27 diocese from 26 million Egyptian Pounds to 15 million.

We also finance 50% of the cost of the medicine bill, reducing it further to just 7.5 million Egyptian Pounds.

How you can help

  • £10 will buy one month's prescription for a diabetic patient
  • £20 will buy one month's prescription for a heart disease patient
  • £30 will buy one month's prescription for a kidney failure patient

Please help us

Your funding allows us to continue this vital work that changes peoples lives.